Sustainability is in our DNA


Through our exclusive relationship with our sister company, CarbonLITE Recycling, we are able to use resin made from Post Consumer Recycled PET Water Bottles and turn it into Food Packaging.

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By Using the 400 Million Pounds of Green Material sourced from Green PET bottles (such as 7up, Sprite, Perrier, Mountain Dew), we can make food packaging made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Green PET Bottles.

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Ocean and Environmental Safety is a large focus for us. That is why we can now take Ocean Diverted Plastic and turn it into 100% Recyclable Food Packaging!

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The PinnPACK & CarbonLITE Effect

Through recycling plastic water bottles, and creating recyclable food packaging with post consumer recycled content, the PinnPACK & CarbonLITE family can... 

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Reduce Pollution-2.png
Reduce GHG-2.png
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