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Datepac goes against convention with Green-Colored Packaging

September 1, 2020

Datepac, LLC has taken the bold step of packaging its Natural Delights® Medjool dates in 100% translucent green post-consumer plastic at a time when most processers opt for clear plastic packaging.


CarbonLITE eyes Florida for 4th location

February 26, 2020

CarbonLITE's Fourth recycling plant will be located in Florida! After successfully launching the start of production of the company's third facility in Reading, Pennsylvania, Plastic Leader Leon Farahnik is looking towards the future.

CarbonLITE Recycling Facility - Riverside, CA


CarbonLITE expands to Pennsylvania 

May 22, 2018

CarbonLite plans to build a PET recycling plant in Pennsylvania, the Los Angeles-based company announced May 22. The plant will be the company’s third, and will increase its capacity by more than 50 percent.

CarbonLITE - PA Recycling Facility Rendering


CalRecycle supports PinnPACK & CarbonLITE

June, 2017

In an effort to significantly move towards an increase in recycling plastic, PinnPACK and CarbonLITE have received loans from CalRecycle to use more recycled plastic (rPET) through PinnPACK and recycle more plastic through CarbonLITE.

President Ira Maroofian receiving $2 Mil Loan

CL Dallas.png

CarbonLITE to open 2nd plant in Texas

February 2017

To keep up with increasing demand from CarbonLITE's main customers, Pepsi and Nestle, CarbonLITE will be opening up a second facility in Dallas, Texas.

CarbonLITE Recycling Facility - Dallas, TX

Pinnpack Building.jpg

CarbonLITE purchases PinnPACK Packaging

June, 2016

June 2016, CarbonLITE Holdings, LLC, the company that manages CarbonLITE Recycling, the World's Largest Bottle-to-Bottle recycling company, purchases PinnPACK Packaging (Formerly known as Pinnacle Plastics).

PinnPACK Packaging - Oxnard, CA

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