PinnPACK Packaging is a privately owned, plastic thermoforming company. We specialize in manufacturing Recyclable Food Packaging for the Bakery, Deli, Confectionary, and Food Service Industries using PET and rPET material.


Our name, PinnPACK, is short for Pinnacle Packaging, which explains our goal - To be the leading food packaging company in the industry, through innovation, customer service, and environmentally focused products and practices.

Image 1: Photo of PinnPACK Packaging in Oxnard, California

PinnPACK's sister company,                      , is the largest Bottle-to-Bottle recycling company in the World and provides PinnPACK with recycled PET Resin, also known as rPET PCR.

Currently, CarbonLITE has Facilities in Riverside, CA and Dallas, Texas; with plans to expand to Pennsylvania and Florida by 2020. With the opening of new CarbonLITE Facilities, PinnPACK will also expand, ensuring easy access to our recycled material stream and our customer base.

Image 2: A Photo of the CarbonLITE Recycling Facility located in Riverside, CA


PinnPACK Packaging was originally established in 1981 as Leading Industries DBA Pinnacle Plastics. In 2016, CarbonLITE Holdings, under the leadership of packaging veterans, Leon Farahnik and Ira Maroofian, purchased PinnPACK Packaging. Leon and Ira found early success with PWP Industries, a powerhouse in the packaging industry from 2001 to 2010. In 2010, after PWP was sold to Pactiv, Leon founded CarbonLITE Industries, the World's Largest Bottle-to-Bottle Recycling Company. Joining them is an experienced team of Managers, Sales People, Engineers, and Operators, many of who also worked at PWP.


Pushing the envelope with Innovation, Quality, Sustainability, and Customer Care



PinnPACK's values, mission, and pillars continue to push us to become the company that we strive to become, while also setting the example for the rest of the industry.

However, progress isn't always easy, and it takes the dedication, hardworking, and perseverance of all members of the team. What leads progress is everyone's willingness to do what must be done to ensure our success. Great customer relationships, impeccable product quality, unwavering employee teamwork, and unquestioning support for each other will ensure that PinnPACK reaches its goals.

We are on the path to help save the world. In our DNA is recycling and with that, we can help push forward a world focused on sustainability, reusing valuable resources, reducing harmful waste, and recycling materials to ensure longevity.


PinnPACK is a vertically integrated packaging company. This means that we perform every step of the process from start to finish.​

1. We obtain our recycled material (rPET) from our sister company CarbonLITE.

2. We extrude the rPET and Virgin PET, in-house, into sheet rolls.

3. Then we thermoform those sheets into plastic food packaging containers.

4. The last step is to pack those containers into boxes and ship them all over North America.

PinnPACK also has its own in-house design and tooling team, which gives us the capability to design new items for customers and create the tooling needed to produce those parts.

Our in-house Maintenance Department ensures that all our machines are running efficiently and are regularly maintenanced and properly maintained.

All out our products are FDA Food Contact approved, and can contain up to 100% Post Consumer Recycled plastic. Our QC Department, ensures that all of our finished products remain Food Safe, and have met all industry and customer quality standards and specifications. Our QC Lab allows us to perform visual, dimensional, and functional testing on our products, such as freeze testing, leak testing, haze and claritycompression testing, and more based on customer specifications.


Using state-of-the-art Extrusion Equipment, and only the highest quality raw materials, our products get the right start. PET/rPET resin is converted into Sheet, Rolled up into Large Master Rolls to be prepared for thermoforming. This in-house process allows for us to have more control to meet our customer demands.​

Our line of Extruders also has the ability to take Non-Food Grade Post Consumer Material and turn it into Food-Grade Post Consumer Material, for those customers who are environmentally conscious and want to use Recycled Material.


Large-format, in-house Thermoforming Equipment, running at rapid cycle times, produce high quality thermoformed plastic containers, tubs, and lids. Our high output is matched with an extremely high level of in process quality control, assuring that all components meet and exceed the required standards. We also utilize small-format and medium-format Thermoformers in-house, which allows us to meet needs of lower volume orders as well.




Oxnard is located along the Coast in Southern California about 60 Miles West of Downtown Los Angeles and 40 Miles South of Santa Barbara. With over 20 miles of scenic, uncrowded coastline, Oxnard is the perfect escape from the typical LA life.

  • Oxnard

  • Los Angeles

  • Santa Barbara

  • San Diego

  • San Fransisco

  • Sacramento



  • Bakersfield

Channel Islands


Oxnard was established in 1903, when the Henry T. Oxnard and his 2 brothers constructed a Sugar Beet Factory in the rich Farm Lands of Oxnard. With this new factory came a wave of workers and residence who settled around what is now known today as the "Plaza".

Image 1: "The Plaza" Pagoda located in the heart of Oxnard.

Image 2: The Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory in the 1800s. Courtesy The Autry National Center.

Quickly after the Sugar Beet Factory, other major crop factories and businesses started opening up. By 1907 the first Pubic Library was created in the Plaza, which still stands today as a historical landmark and is the only remaining structure from the original Plaza.

The 1940s brought a new industry to the area - The Military. Port Hueneme and Point Mugu Military Bases opened up during the time, bringing a rise of Electronic, Aerospace, and other Manufacturing Industries.

Today, Oxnard is Ventura County's largest city, with a population of 200,000, and is also California's largest producer of strawberries!


Oxnard has a number amenities, making it a great place to live and work!


Oxnard has 4 elementary school districts and 1 high school district, along with a public two-year community college and 3 Universities.


Healthcare services in Oxnard are great, with a number of state-of-the-art facilities, clinics, and health groups. The St. John's Regional Medical Center is the primary hospital in Oxnard, however residents can also visit St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital, located near neighboring city Camarillo, as well as Ventura's Non-Profit Community Memorial Hospital.

Image 3: St. John's Regional Medical Center


Oxnard has a number of transportation options. The city surrounds 2 major highways making travel in and out of Oxnard very easy. There is also a commercial service airport located about a mile west of the Business District. Being a coastal city, Oxnard is also the home to the only deep water harbor between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Rail Service and Mass Public Transportation are prevalent in the city. The Oxnard Transportation Center offers Rail connects to other cities through Metrolink and Amtrak, while Gold Coast Transit and Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority (VISTA) provide public transportation within Oxnard and to surrounding cities.

Image 4: St. Oxnard Transit Center with Amtrak Surfliner pulling into the station. There is also a Local Bus and Regional Bus pictured.


There are number of Concert Venues, Bars, and Museums in Oxnard, which showcase local vibes and culture. There are also many different outdoor festivals, art shows, live events, and farmer's markets that occur year round!

However, what make Oxnard truly unique is the beautiful environment that surrounds the area. There are a dozens of hiking and biking trails as well as miles of empty beaches. 

Only 11 miles off the coast is Channel Islands National Park,  which is made up of 8 different islands. The Channel Islands are home to a range of plants and animals, all unique to the California Area. A quick ferry ride away, makes these islands the perfect weekend getaway!

Image 5: Anacapa Island in The Channel Islands

1151 Pacific Ave

Oxnard, CA 93033

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