About Us


Pinnpack is a privately owned, plastic thermo-forming company located in Oxnard, California.We specialize in manufacturing Food Packaging using PET and rPET plastic material.

Pinnpack’s sister company, CarbonLITE, is the Largest Bottle-to-bottle recycler in the World and provides Pinnpack with Recycled PET material, known as rPET PCR.


Pinnpack Packaging was originally founded in 1981. In 2016, packaging veterans, Leon Farahnik and Ira Maroofian purchased Pinnpack Packaging. Leon and Ira found early success with PWP Industries and bring their leadership, knowledge, and vision to the new Pinnpack. Joining them is also an experienced team of Managers,Sales people, Engineers, and Production Operators who all worked at PWP.


Pinnpack is a vertically intergrated packaging company. This means that we perform every step of the process. We obtain our recycled material from our sister company, CarbonLITE, extrude that material into sheets in-house,thermoform those sheets into plastic containers, and lastly, pack those containers into boxes and ship to customers all over North America.

Pinnpack also has its own in-house design and tooling team, meaning we have the capabilities to design new itemsfor customers and create the tooling needed to produce those parts. All of our products are FDA Food Contact approved, and may contain up to 100% Post Consumer Recycled Material, depending on customer specifications. We also perform visual, dimensional, and functional testing on our products, such as freeze testing, leak testing, and compression testing.



Using state-of-the-art extrusion equipment, and only the highest quality raw materials, our products get the right start. PET/rPET resin is converted into sheets, wound into large master rolls to be prepared for thermoforming. This in-house process allows for us to have more control over our Material Process, while providing fast response time to meet customer demands.



Large-format, in-house thermoforming equipment, running at rapid cycle times, produces high quality thermoformed plastic containers.  Our high output is matched with an extremely high level of in- process quality control, assuring that all components meet and exceed the required standards. We also have small-format, in-house thermoforming machines, which allow us to meet needs of lower volume orders.